Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hey guys you need a good laugh? Get this. Ten people from the Washington area have filed a class-action lawsuit against milk suppliers and the stores that sell milk. Why? Because they want the lable to have a warning of the effects of lactose intolerance! The ten people say they have "suffered" from diarrhea, cramps and gas because they consumed milk. Hey I say if you cant drink milk 'cause your body can't digest lactose ( the sugar in milk) that stinks, but why is it the milks fault, or the people that produce the milk?
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is funding the lawsuit. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine actually went out to and recruited people to file the suit. One of the ten people plaintiffs is seven years old. Now thats teaching them well at a young age! That kid is still at the age when having gas is funny not somthing you file a lawsuit over, come on! I understand being lactose intolerance isn't fun but niether are any other health complications. Fileing a suit isn't going to help you digest milk so why do it. These people may not have thought of this but I have an idea DON'T DRINK THE MILK!!! Hey milk has done my body good! haha!
I just want to know whats next is someone one going to file a suit against lawnmower suppliers, for the effects of alergies? Hey I sneaze my head off every time I mow my lawn, I dont need some lable to tell my that! I think they just need to not drink the milk and leave it alone.


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