Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How The ACLU Stole Christmas

Everyone who
Was right in their brain
Liked Christmas a lot....

But the ACLU
Who lived in America
Did not...

The ACLU hated Christmas
Not the holiday season
They all hated Christmas
We all know the reason

Though it could have been they weren't all there in the head
It could be that they hated the colors gold, green and red
But we all know that the real reason, above all
Was they hated Christ and "Merry --mas" was too small

Now that the truth came out and was told
We see how the ACLU"S heart was so cold
How they don't care at all about girls and boys
Who just want Santa to bring them some toys

They don't care what people think, do, or say
Saying Merry Christmas just isn't ok!
They tell us to say happy holiday
or even Merry Dec. 25th day

They thought to themselves " its that time of year
This month is Christmas ITS PRACTICALLY HERE!
What can we do? What can we say
To not have Christmas coming this way

So they thought and they thought and they planned and they planned
And they decided to have a Christmas tree ban
So they called Wal-mart, Target and stores big and small
And said not to have Christmas trees at all

They said lets make them a holiday tree
In fact holiday decorations from A to Z
We do not need a "Christmas decoration"
We'll make the word holiday just as much fun! "

What do they find wrong with Christ?" you ask
Well they will not tell us, they hide under a mask
"We do not find anything wrong with... That day!
We think Jesus was a good man." they will say

Having holiday trees just isn't right
And for that we all should put up a fight
We should tell Wal-mart just what we think
And not put up with the ACLU's big big big stink

Let them say what they wish
I will still have my sweet Christmas day dish
Besides no mater what they do or say
They simply can not keep Christmas away

Christmas is much much much bigger than you or me
Jesus is the reason that day will be!
He came to this earth for me and for you
And yes even for the ACLU

Merry Christmas!


Blogger John said...

Excellent job! I see you linked my old blogspot site. I would be glad to trade links with you too, I just don't often check the comments at the old site. We have moved now to http://www.stoptheaclu.com

Please change your link to our new site, and send me an email at jay@stoptheaclu.com and I'll get a link up to your site as well.

Thanks, Jay

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